The Discounted Cremation Coupon

Let me a leaf go into the earth
before the snow is deep
my mind in dementia freezes over

let me fall like snow to water
dissolve as I could not live
my soul in the hands of love
no regret for the ill I’ve done
and learned from, no cemetery,
let the sea be my grave,
and tell this to Death & Company
for the discounted cremations
headstone coupons in the mail
you should be ashamed taking money
from the dying, you greedy bastards.

The Tibetans have it right
A sky burial, put the body to use
hack it up, give it to the real vultures.

A burial master hacks a body & feeds vultures during a sky burial at Chalang Temple, Dari county, Guoluo, Tibet. Sky burials are a Buddhist practice in the Himalayan region. It is believed the spirit leaves a body at the moment of death and the body should be given to sacred vultures as a last act of charity. Photo 11 17 07. REUTERS/Stringer.

This poem appeared in different form as “I Got a Coupon for a Discounted Cremation in the Mail Today” in the San Diego Poetry Annual .