Rayn Roberts On KSER FM 90.7

April 14th 7-7:30 pm. Presented by Poets West

masthead.logo   #242

The Poet’s Language         (29.06 minutes)


Notes from a Conversation 1.50 Rajaa Gharbi

Reading at the Beach 2.21 Mark Halperin

Poetocracy 0.53 Nancy Dahlberg

The Words 1.20 Duane Niatum

Burnt Offering 0.36 Keith Holyoak

Oscar Wilde parable 2.03 Michael Magee

Salvage Rights 0.46 David Thornbrugh

Jeffer’s Pipe 2.16 Dan Williams

Questions after Neruda 2.05 Scott Galasso

Blind Man Walking 1.23 Edwin Delgado

Oracle at Greenwood 1.55 Rayn Roberts

Daybreak 0.48 J. Glenn Evans


Bridge at 14.58

Keith Jarrett Koln Concert Tk1    ©2012 PoetsWest    

Self Portrait, Rayn Roberts


Have a Tao Day.

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