The Beauty of Apples

Had he known the beauty of an apple, seen it, a flower
In the palm of her hand, seen in his wife’s hand the sun
Light to a tree of knowledge, knowledge of air and weather
The river, the flame, the earth, he’d know earth was woman
Insect and animal, he would see in her hand the farmer
A field hand picking the apple, the worker make the truck
Mechanic at work on the engine, trucker haul his apple
To the grocer who oiled and set it out, he’d see in an apple
The checker check it, the boy bag it, the energy of a star
To power the car that carries him home to the hand of Eve,
A sun in her hand, a blossom; he’d know what an apple is
Never again blame her for sin in a garden, nor she him

For the loss of Eden.






Rayn Roberts 2016

The Beauty of Apples first appeared in The Sow’s Ear Review as a Finalist in their annual poetry contest.   Cover photo of apples by Rayn Roberts