Sat. 5/14/16 7pm Poets, Rajaa Gharbi & Rayn Roberts @ Tsuga Fine Arts

Since 1997, PoetsWest has featured or promoted some of the best writers in Washington, Oregon and California. Currently the longest running website and organization of poets, it’s directory lists such fine writers as Elizabeth Austen, James Bertolino, Nancy Dalberg, Henry Carlile, Pieter Zilinsky, Rayn Roberts, Sam Hamill, David Wagoner, Rajaa Gharbi, Chris Jarmick, Victor David Sandiego and Gary Snyder to name a very few. Readings presented by PoetsWest are some of the best local readings and are often free. Tsunga Fine Arts is the perfect venue for poetry readings: an easy to find, quiet, fine arts gallery. Contact J. Glenn Evans 360-459-9288 or the gallery at 425.483.7385. Open mic included.  Tsuga Fine Art & Framing, 10101 Main St., Bothell WA 98011.


Rajaa A. Gharbi is an international painter, poet, and socio-linguist. She was born and raised in Tunisia where she was a multimedia artist with the OTEMA (Organization Nationale de Theatre de Marionnettes) at Ibn Rachiq Arts Center, and an apprentice filmmaker with the Rue de Marseille Cine-club in Tunis from her first middle school year. A later 5 year-long residence (1977 to 1982) .in Fez, Morocco, was among a number of formative experiences that continue to inspire Gharbi’s literary and artistic practices.

Gharbi’s writing and visual arts have been critically acclaimed by writers, artists and art organizers, and her book …From Songs of a Grasshopper has garnered recognition as seminal work that is both refreshing and challenging in its themes as well as its aesthetics…Subject and object… brilliant, authoritative work …From Songs of a Grasshopper is a book of selected “memoirs” fluidly interweaving poetry, painting and prosems* written between 1982 and 2004 in the United States, Tunisia, Morocco and Spain with color and B&W paintings exhibited during the same period. All poems in the book are simultaneously independent and connected to each other and the paintings reproduced in the book (Najib Redouane).”

Gharbi will be reading a selection of poems from her 4th poetry collection (scheduled to be in print in December 2016) and from….From Songs of a Grasshopper.



Rayn Roberts, a poet who writes about peace, war, political and social issues was born in Jacksonville, NC and was a long-time resident of San Diego and a graduate of the University of San Diego where he studied English Literature and Religion. For many years he lived and taught in South Korea but now lives in the Northwest. He’s published three books. His latest, published by Poetic Matrix Press in August 2006 is Of One and Many Worlds. The Fires of Spring, a collection of Buddhist poems, was reviewed by editors at The Golden Lantern and Poetic Voices. In 2006 he was included by Evolving Editions in their interfaith understanding series “Illuminations”.

His work appears in the printed anthologies: The Book of Hope and The World Healing Book from Beyond Borders Press ~ In the Arms of Words: Poems for Disaster Relief by Foothills Publishing and Sherman Asher and The Philosophical Library of Escondido California’s New Anthology entitled Paths. He is also found in Journals Chronogram, The Golden Lantern, Sauce Box, Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry, Rattle, Rattapallax, Retort Magazine, City Works, The Sow’s Ear Review, Poetic Voices, Voices in Wartime, PoetsWest, Thunder Sandwich, The Pedestal Magazine, Fireweed, Poet’s Corner in Fieralingue and others. He toured the country in 2003 to promote a collection of experimental and traditional forms, Jazz Cocktails and Soapbox Songs. Books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells and Poetic Matrix

Open Mic Included.

Have a Tao Day.

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