SUMMER, HERE AT LAST! Seattle – Everett Poets: Catch me on KSER FM 90.7 with other excellent poets 6/23/16

PoetsWest Weekly Radio Calendar: Thursday 23 June 2016 6:30 p.m. (PT)   KSER 90.7 FM on The Road Home from Everett, WA. The broadcast is available via streaming by going to and following the Listen Live links.   #228 Summer   Summer Solstice 1.59 Christine Swanberg Dog Days of Summer 1.30 Nancy Dahlberg Family […]

What it takes to be a Good Dad…

Word Origin and History for Wisdom. Old English wisdom, from wise (see wise(adj.) + -dom.A common Germanic compound (cf. Old Saxon, Old Frisian wisdom, Old Norse visdomr, Old High German wistuom “wisdom,” German Weistum “judicial sentence serving as a precedent”). Greek used by Hippocrates: from sophron “prudent, self-controlled”) or when a person reaches adulthood. Word Origin and History for Courage c.1300, from Old French […]