Anthology of the Mad Ones Publishes “Yes Yes Ok” 2016



Yes Yes Ok


People say poets talk too much of death


                I will not, not at 7 am.


I’m already feeling like going back to bed.

I lead such a hard life; breakfast is going to kill me.


Elegant things I put on eBay will be the end of me.


I gotta get pics of all of them then shop for more.

I gotta do the legal work against discrimination at a job


I really don’t want any more ~


I’m a serious mess, worn down to talcum powder

But out I’ll go, late in the day, for God and eBay


To get Good Will stuff idiots use plastic cards to get

So glad to get to be happy for a while, get, get, get


                 Happy for a while, ok, maybe longer.


I’m learning detachment from things that come and go

People that live and pass away


Weather that changes from calm to chaos, a world at war

Rumors of war, floods, famine and genocide as my body falls


Back to where it came from ~ I’m so serene… Right,

Some jerk on the freeway cuts me off


I forget I’m a Peace-nick and wanna fuckin’ end him,

But I can’t, I love peace, and besides, I said no talk of death




AM I  …talking about… seriously?


Last week I walked Green Lake sharp nails cutting into toes

I shoulda clipped them before but stood the pain


Because I knew the pain would stop and it did –

That’s pretty much it, standing pain, numbing it


With the ecstasy of sunrise, dope, booze

Keeping big Pharma fat and happy, loving sex on E…


                                  Whoopi ~


When I got home from the lake, one white sock

Was bloody at the toe, it didn’t matter


I threw it in the wash and clipped my nails.

I’m doing a reading tonight for a coffee shop crowd…


                                  Big WOW~


Tomorrow I’ll drive through the Alzheimer haze

To see my Mom before she too forgets who I am. 


Then I’ll walk the lake again; that’s about the size of it.



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