Outstanding Poets @ C&P Coffee 7-9 pm 10/26/16

Rayn Roberts & Christopher Jarmick are widely known Pacific NW Poets, seasoned performers with books in print and publications in journals and online.  Roberts has read all over the United States.  Jarmick is known for his years of devoted organizing  & promotion of readings all over the state of Washington.  This will be an excellent and entertaining reading for sure, a must hear & see for Fall 2016.



Open Mic follows features.

roberts        91a6129afb4dbfe94635aa4fd79a89b5rayn_roberts_spring_2014

   rayn-roberts-1    Rayn Roberts




Photo of C & P Coffee Company - Seattle, WA, United States

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Chris JarmickChrisJarmick

                                Chris Jarmick    



Rayn RobertsPic Oregon 2013  rayn-roberts


Hope to see you there!

One thought on “Outstanding Poets @ C&P Coffee 7-9 pm 10/26/16

  1. Thanks to everyone who came to the reading. It was nice to look out and see Cheryl Latiff, an old friends from San Diego who moved here a good while back. The reading went so well with some fine readers in the open mic too. Blessed Samhain this weekend.


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