Sitting with the Buddha & Rayn Roberts KSER 90.7 / Poetry Reading

PoetsWest #51 SITTING WITH BUDDHA & Rayn Roberts

(29.06 minutes)


Religions 1.24

Of One and Many Worlds 1.57

Each Morning Begins a Journey 2.11

Why the Buddha Smiles 1.21

What the Smiles of Buddha Mean 0.21

What the Cicadas Are Saying 1.54

Ideal 0.47

Unseen Stars Are Falling 1.45

Where Buddha Sits 0.48

…Before Rita Made Landfall 1.26

Why I Believe in the Human Mind 1.52

The Voice 1.12


Bridge at 13.44

Buddha Café Tks1, 6, 5, 2

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Thursdays at 6:30 pm
J. Glenn Evans hosts this inspiring program of poetry, stories, music, and interviews with the leading poets of the Northwest. PoetsWest is local poets, reading their contemporary works, blended with music and an occasional interview. It’s a concise, breezy, thought-provoking presentation of one of the oldest spoken word traditions.  PoetsWest links the poet with readers and listeners in the broader community.Pro…