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Breathe… I’ve brought you something close to me
Left for something you see through your head, you haunt my dreams

There’s nothing to do but believe

Just believe, Just breathe
Another day, Just believe, Another day
Just breathe, Another day, Just believe
Another day, Just breathe, I’m used to it by now

Another day, Just believe
Just breathe, Just believe

Just breathe, Lying in my bed
Another day staring at the ceiling

Just breathe, Another day
Another day, Just believe
Another day, I’m used to it by now

I’m used to it by now, Just breathe, Just believe,
Just breathe, Just believe

Just believe, Just breathe, Just believe
Another day, Just believe (another day)
Another day, Just believe (another day)
Just breathe, Another day
Hard to wake, I don’t believe (another day)

So hard to breathe, (another day)
Not so hard to believe (another day), Another day

No Copyright infringement intended. All credits go to the producers of this song.



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Have a Tao Day.

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