PoetsWest FM Radio KSER 90.7 Oct 27th 6:30pm

This week POETSWEST presents Tomas Gayton, Rayn Roberts, John Peterson, Meredith Eileen Fix, David Thornburgh, JGlenn Evans, David Horowitz, Michael Magee and more…300x300rayn-roberts-1         tomas_gaytondavid-horowitz-january-2013-readerhqdefault-1




Thursday Oct 27th 2016 6:30 p.m. (PT)
KSER 90.7 FM : The Road Home from Everett, WA.

Broadcast available via streaming @ http://www.kser.org / Listen Live links.

PoetsWest #239

What’s Next (29.02 minutes)

American Idolatry 0.26 David Horowitz
American Litany 0.27 Tomás Gayton
No Time for Silence 2.54 Rayn Roberts
War Veteran 0.30 Rayn Roberts
Redemption 2.11 David Thornbrugh
Waiting on the Progress Train 2.16 Dan Raphael
Outbreak of Elephants 1.25 Michael Magee
Promises 1.00 J. Glenn Evans
Everything Is Symbolic 0.19 David Thornbrugh
Bess 2.38 Bart Baxter
Oliver Stone Film 1.33 Marj Hahne
Upon the Death of George Harrison 0.47 John Peterson
Baby on Mother’s Back 0.56 Eileen Fix
Advice to the Next Generation of Punks 1.37 John Burgess
There, Can You See It? 0.20 David Horowitz

Have a Tao Day.

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