As for the American Media Who run from disaster to crisis Fear to dread All for the sake of ratings In the news today: a shooting, a scandal The Oscars, a war A bombing by ISIS, the weather, a bore Which says nothing of the noise Of the Donald, Nonstop drug commercials More than a few can […]

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning   There was a sidewalk troubadour, twelve-string in hand He said, “Come hear me warm up my guitar man …” A vagabond in rainbow poncho pushed a shopping cart Decorated with snowman, reindeer, garland and a sign that read, “Happy Xmas, I’m homeless, please help.” A red, white and blue wolf visible only […]

First Published by Earth First & Warrior Poets 1998

Warrior Poets   Secrets From the Mountains Above Nagoya Sitting in the mist between two boulders I cannot see the way in this bamboo wood, but the birds sing and there is the chirp and bellow of frogs– In layers of fern and limb a sudden stillness, the mist has cleared– a deer emerges, walks […]