Meeting an Archetype


I’d thought it idea only or myth, but I met her


Anima, the woman in me

Fair skinned, blue eyed, blond  

But with a smile

Like the light of dawn:

Friend healer mother teacher sister wife

She is a forest after rainfall

Lowland field of golden rice

The power of a storm to repel any threat

Hot-spring of healing water restoring body and mind.

I knew her thoughts by a look I’ve seen my father often

            Across the distance of a room

Give my mother, then smile

Because each knows the other without words. 

She and I were free but wise, children yet old

Holding hands in a land that holds only two—

And the image went on when I woke

True as the air I breathe 

            Every woman I looked upon that day

Seemed to smile, invite me to be with her, with a look


That escapes words, even in the most exquisite poetry.



                                                                                                     Rayn Roberts   2016