Political Theater

PoetsWest #202

Political Theater

(29.04 minutes)

Thursday 6:30 p.m. Dec 15 2016

KSER 90.7 FM on The Road Home from Everett, WA.
Broadcast available via streaming @ http://www.kser.org/


Free Will & Instant Replay 2.52 Jack McCarthy
Nanopolitics 0.43 Jim Lutz
The Big Show 4.42 Natasha Priester
Lamentation 0.32 Tomás Gayton
A Single Man 0.47 Tomás Gayton
Savants 1.54 Jack McCarthy
Recycled 1.38 Scott Galasso
Averages 0.37 Charles Henderson
Turtle Mt. Elk 1.38 Dharma Mitra
Why I Believe in the Human Mind 1.52 Rayn Roberts
Wake Up, Congress! 0.42 J. Glenn Evans


Robb Johnson We All Said Stop the War Tk 16
Robb Johnson Picking Up the Pieces Tk 5
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Cristian Mihai = Good Stuff!

If you have a few minutes,  listen to Cristian Mihai’s “How to Get Stuff Done”. I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It lifted my spirits on a stormy day.   He also has books and art out and if the books are anything like the art, they could be really fantastic!

“How to Get Stuff Done” Episode #1

Link to other Mihai videos



 Art  !

Neutrino Digital Art


Just a Dream


Alien Code
Antarctica 1937 – nazi UFO Crash



jazz       cristian-mihai

Way cool….