Just Sayin’

Each moment is an arrival.  There is only to walk and arrive.


The deepest grief is the sadness of the poor.

True freedom is the absence of guilt.

Real treasure is the knowledge of truth.


The poor share with everyone.

The stars are the diamonds of the poor.

The rich hide their jewels in vaults.


What is the inheritance of the poor but the earth

and the miseries of life, the joy of sunlight at dawn.


A serpent coils my neck

Rats play at my feet

I exchange a kiss of peace with murderers and thieves.


There is only to sit and arrive.

Each instant is an arrival.

The way up is the way down arriving at one place.


All sacred ghosts in one man, all holy images in one woman.


I enter warm water to bathe.

I wash the dusty feet of Jesus, Buddha

Blue hands of Krishna, green body of Tara.


I breathe with the rapist and king

We all share the same moment.  When I arrive perfectly, I will be gone.



Have a Tao Day.

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