What He Wanted, What He Got

He wanted to heal her broken heart, hang white curtains in her room

Give her the greenhouse rose, the unnaturally perfect orchid

Fragrant spring air to fill her house

But he made a toxic cocktail at the bar

Lay skulls of thalidomide babies

Whale bone and relics from Dachau at her door.


Mid-spring snow, layers of acid ice and snow silenced spring

She lay on her bed smiling at nothing

He opened his hands

She lay on loam wanting nothing

His beautiful hands were trembling

He wanted to make her new again, his filthy hands were grasping

Wanting to heal her, he slaughtered her children

And ate them one by one.


In the house of wonder and beauty

She lay silently on wheat dreaming green and blue horizons

But when he set the house aflame and pumped into her his radioactive seed

The globe shook, the walls fell

Glass shattered…

He lay his beautiful, bloody hands on her throat, kissed her

And choked her to death.




copyright    First Published in “From This Side of The River” by Rayn Roberts

Have a Tao Day.

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