Surreality #3  

After watching the movie “The Others”

I was to ride a dirt bike up a steep mountain, but I walk alone.
An odd-ball woman on the path looks like she’d lived
A thousand years on the craggy summit,
We pass each other without a word, her eyes glow like red novae.
A span of rope-bridge leading into mist…

My hands clinging, feet stepping in pain

The mist clears, a rope snaps, falling… a parachute opens
I float into a deserted drive-in movie now a dental office.
Two aides seat me in an electric chair -Not good- They take my hands
“This won’t hurt.” says one, “Much.” says the other.
“We can’t put you under, so imagine you’re God, you won’t feel a thing.”

A white scorpion crawls up my leg.

Two teenage dentists enter, one guy pins me down
The other opens an incision in my chest, a red hibiscus blooms… in my mouth.
“I thought you were a dentist.” I say. “I lied.” he says.
“I’m gonna cut your heart out and feed it to The Others.”
“Gee thanks.” “I don’t really need it.” — Passing out

I dream what I’d like for eat for breakfast.