Who is Rayn Roberts Anyway?

He says, “I’m not really a poet. I just dangle figures on a little stage to share insights and poke fun. Everyone from Robert Frost to Charles Bukowski, Ivor Winters to Alan Ginsberg and Anne Sexton are responsible for showing me how to do this, but there are other perpetrators, I fear. I’m not as much a poet as a puppeteer.”

Nevertheless, Rayn Roberts is found in Anthologies: Illuminations, Expressions of Personal the Spiritual Experience (Celestial Arts an imprint of Ten Speed Pres, 2006), The Book of Hope (Beyond Borders Press, 2002), The World Healing Book (Beyond Borders Press, 2002– Journals: Rattapallax, Rattle, Between the Lines, Chronogram, City Works, Poetic Voices, Retort Magazine, San Diego Poetry Annual, Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry, The Pedestal Magazine, The Sow’s Ear Review, Thunder Sandwich, Turbula, Oddball Magazine, Vagabonds: Poetry of the Mad Ones & Void Magazine.

You can find him in Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Powell Books & Online. Hear him on KSER Radio FM 90.7 in PoetsWest broadcasts or if you’re in Hartford CT, Poughkeepsie, Long Island, Stockholm, London, Canterbury, York or Dublin this year, you might catch him on tour this fall.



Have a Tao Day.

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