“I never could hear a whisper in a summer breeze,
Take these.” She put a rosary in my hand.

Those were the last words Edna said
But for three days she cried out loudly

“Who is she, the lady in the corner?
She keeps smiling, calling me to that dark place!”

Wide eyed and amazed, we all looked at each other.
There was no one in the corner we could see.

The doctor said delirium, the priest, the Virgin
The nurse was sure it was morphine …

“There she is again, in that blue dress, smiling
And calling me! Who is she?”

I stood in the corner, Edna could not see me
Something seemed to touched me

An open gate, a doorway, imagination?
In her final hours, Edna entered a dialogue

With the Virgin, Kuan Yin or her own mind
Trying to make sense of death?

“Open all the window in a storm, the house may go!
Yes, yes, ok, the light bill is paid. Take these…”

She put a rosary in my hand. I whispered
“Close your eyes, soon you’ll be in sunny California.”

Which in winter is heaven to New Yorkers and
With just a faint rattle, she was gone–

Edna’s daughter, an atheist, painted the room a new color
Keeps a candle burning in the corner now over a year.