A Bodhisattva Speaks of Why The Buddhas Smile

I have been asleep ten thousand years
Here, where I live
I have been dreaming this side of a river
Where smiles are lost
The shore of a dream where now
In stillness deep
Chanting the beat of dragonfly wings
Feeling the ache
In a mariposa lily opening slowly
Know the vibration
In sunflower and sunfish asleep in water
Recording eternity
In a cricket song, I wake to Deathlessness.

And this is all there is of the moment
The red light in dawn air
Gold violet scent
At my feet and in my raven hair,
To see the world
And say to it, use my wisdom like holy water
Dip hands and heal,
By the miracle of my laughter and look
By my many births
More than the lights in a million night skies
Where I walk
No being is harmed, all
Are let be, left in perfect peace.

That is why Buddhas smile. That is the Smile