Seven Fields

What am I…
A man.
Who am I…
A poet
What is this
A gift
of words, love, vision
a mirror
of life
a canvas
of color form line.

I say
what I see
I feel
what I feel
I tell
what I hear
I open
doors, windows, hearts
I admit
the golden ones.

It is
a calling
it is
the fullness
of a wheat field
cloudless blue
it is
the wing
of an autumn crow
in the evening
in the morning sun.

It is
all life linked
all action
having effect
for ill
or good.

It is
the hand opening
always open
ear hearing
every cry
mind in all
heart of god
and healing
at the same time.

It is
where word fail
I see
too clearly
I triumph
and fail
at the same time
rushing in
I desire
to know all
stand still
and now all.

I see
so clearly
I am
I am all
at the same time
and god’s
perfect fool.