In silence older than the sun
the desert hold me like a lover
needing little, offering nothing

but peace–

A voice in the wilderness
“There is no lasting happiness here
Samsara, samsara.” darkness older

than silence

Older than the coyote howl
hunting song of the owl
the bat wing flick, mule deer kick

To move and breathe not knowing
so simple a truth
is to live in darkness

The horns of the crescent moon
caught in the fires of heaven
tangled in endless night, the sun

gone out–

Here, here it was all along as I wandered
caught between waking and dreaming
bewildered ghost unaware of a star’s death

the truth

Of stars flaring up, smoldering out
as I watch–
and if suns die
is there no end to desire, all the lovers

through these old arms opening
like lotus leaves, beautifully, slowly
suffering joy and pain


There is not lasting happiness here
Oh Wonder, Beautiful One, give peace
Give truth like the sun, a way in a wild dry land.