Green Tract 2

Buddha before enlightenment: starved, bony
Our world, showing the bones of war, bones of desire–
Look to the moment with hope to survive
Enlightenment is here, yet we think we move toward it.

There is meaning in suffering and joy, a universal law
The great gift, evolution of mind
The will to see creation and destruction
And not move, hold to a center despite the chaos
In and around us: witness history as enlightenment
A struggle of terror, war, famine and disease
Growth and exploration, discovery
Beyond the physical and spiritual limits:
Whether fighting to survive or generating others
All creatures are one in the Will to Enlightenment:

The energy of turtles laying eggs, salmon roiling up river
Seal pups fleeing an orca, and human life
That jewel in the hand of a thief, a barnacle on the back
Of a humpback whale, singing a cosmic song
In time and space: Enlightenment: We are the universe.
Even love pales in comparison: Earth is our Bodhi Tree.