Before The Typhoon

I am as well alone as not, still the boss’s tiny daughter
Takes my hand at work saying, “Don’t go home alone.
It’s not good to be alone.” I reassure her, “I’ll be alright.”
At home I’m fine and well, but I cannot turn a deaf ear

Small sounds fill the air, a child cries without comfort
A dog howls, will not be still, gears grumble, wheels go on
A drunk vomits in the street as hard rain begins in the dark–
Beyond fatigue, I tire of the world, old, new, alone or not

There’s as much suffering as ever and it cannot be said enough
We all have a part in it, I’m never at home with that, listen
A gust brings down a billboard, there are groans in thunder
Moans in a mountain landslide, floods, there are tears in things.

The wind carries the sobs of that child to every room in my house.



Rayn Roberts
Jeju Island, Korea