In Defense of the N. E. A.

In Defense of the N.E. A. The most powerful of human expressions Are unfinished poems, works of art The findings in science Because they offer imagination, invention Healing and hope– all come Out of the Unknown– A finished work is A gift of creative process, but it is the process That gives the gift, so […]

Poem by e.e. cummings

O sweet spontaneous earth how often have the doting fingers of prurient philosophers pinched and poked thee has the naughty thumb of science prodded thy beauty . how often have religions taken thee upon their scraggy knees squeezing and buffeting thee that thou mightest conceive gods (but true to the incomparable couch of death thy […]

In a Piedmont Eatery

While living a summer in South Carolina, I absorbed the local accent and diction of the people, especially the country folk and wanted to record it in some way, so I wrote this poem by listening first then writing it into a suitable form.  Listening, not just writing, is what Poetry is all about, you […]