The promise of the Tree pounding in your breast Tongue of the snake soft upon your cheek, You reached for unseen death and gave the fruit to man. So men have said– In you all women are Innocent as a girl in awe of the first dawn Saying its color over roses Again and again […]


Sometime before the land turned away from light The wind in the wild mustard slowed The sun, being where is always is, the moon too Twilight and moonrise were in me. Something small and quick sprang and ran. The long grass bent as I watched the urge to chase Corner and kill rise and fall […]


mountains are full of wildlife on a high ridge two roe deer greet me a squirrel claims her pine with chatter running over rocks water calls me to a dove in light snow and ice at the edge of a pond the shadow of the heron over moss-green water these mountains are full of the […]