Open Your Nightwise Eye


Do you ever look in the mirror and not know who you are?



Then shuffle this to your ear, upbeat of the backstreet.
Handgun this to your head, drugs in the club alley,
It’s hard, hardcore
Hard to the core of the heart, and I’m so cool

I make ice shiver! Yeah..  for a while

We goin’ up, nowhere but up, MDMA kinda up night, see
From the moment we cry, scream to the stars and back,
It comes back

Ain’t gotta make sense, man, does your life make sense?

Only thing makin’ sense tonight is sound and the Tribe
Movin’ ta the vibe way down deep in the emptiness,
Empty love, empty faith
Music fills the space, breaks the fear, the pain

Sick dogs of doubt, dream angels, lost boys bayin’ at the Boom!

We sheddin’ our minds with a thousand other souls is us
Third eye openin’ in the bop, bop, jump,
Jumpin’ to da beat fillin’ our head
Our feet, yeah, fallin’ on our ass, oh yes– One Mind —

Fuck, I’m fallin’ all over myself and she ain’t impressed?

“Ok, yeah, are you sure you’re ok? Cool, I know,
Yeah, I gotta go too.”
Dawn risin’ over Manhattan, days ricochetin’
Like pinballs in a tough machine
Hard as a lonely night cold steel

Bright as a Kamikaze mind
Dark as an arrow shot into the cauldron of the sun.
Ain’t no stopping  us, it’s all written in stone one day, done deal.

9d6008764da27053dcc9dde781ee837b504b1d8c897258b49e1a199d64d7fc69.jpgNow read the poem again but listen to this Fade to Grey by DJ Deadrah