The Problem with Doughnuts

If I eat one of them, all I’ve got is one hole,
so I never know what to do with one of them, you know?

If I have two, it will make me feel quite queer,
so maybe I’ll have half of one, but a half of one is half a whole

and that will leave me unclear,

I don’t get why we called them doughnuts when nuts & dough
don’t even have a hole, so

I promise you, I’m off of them because often when
I eat one of them I’m only left with the hole.


Inspired by Kevin O’Conner who’s written some clever doughnut poems.  Thanks for the fun on an otherwise boring Monday, Kevin.     ~ Rayn Roberts

“I should probably stop trying to write poems about donuts” by Kevin O’Conner

One thought on “The Problem with Doughnuts

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