Melanie Reed, Green Lake Poet in Seattle

I was walking around Green Lake last week and met Melanie Reed, the Green Lake Poet.  Most sunny, summer afternoons, she sits at a table right near the old bath house and writes poems for anyone who wants one. She has topics to select or you can give her your own. I asked for one on dreams. You can see it below. We had a pleasant conversation about poetry, Green Lake and life in general. I’d say, if you see her, stop and chat, maybe get a poem too. Poetry is good for the heart and the mind and a walk around the lake can’t hurt, especially while the weather is wonderful.

~ Rayn Roberts

unnamed (1)


Remember this: the last signs
are the most significant.
Remember this: all that is gold
does not necessarily glisten.
Remember this: the speech
that is requested doesn’t
always reach the heart.
Remember this: divestiture
transfer the load elsewhere.
Remember this: you won’t
remember in the last accounting.

Melanie Reed 2017


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poetry 1unnamedpoetry 1

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Have a Tao Day.

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