Left-nut-groin on fire and “the thing” is getting bigger
Pissin’ me off,

Pissin’ Mr. Happy off!

Don’t tell him it’s no big deal;

He’s so not into spermatocele,

Play with it, play The Cramps, whatever

Don’t this call for morphine, Doc

To cut the phantom nerve pain out?

Lower gut above the cock
Morphine now, don’t fuckin’ wait, I have the Symphony at eight!



da82227f0cf94551c55520099b2e523aThe Cramps


Mozart Symphony #39

Note: Like a lot of my poems, this comes straight out of real life: On Jan 6th, I was in the E. R. at Virginia Mason for severe pain caused an infected spermatocele, a tasty little nugget near my left nut.  What can I say, my life is an open book — Like yours isn’t, right?— But I was at the symphony by eight, yes I was; & btw, all subject matter is appropriate for poetry, sz me.



Have a Tao Day.

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