Everything I Own, A Dystopian Dream

My slut-desire for a bankroll of love, movie line wait for true romance
Hour glass heart running out of sand, twitter intention to end hunger,
My cell phone ringing mass murder, Buddha-delusion to heal the mind
Prophetic wisdom on a fool’s errand, tabloid wish to be some superhero
Dildo desire to fuck Mr. Trump, glittering cities on buffalo bones, soul
In the temple of beauty and power, Alt-Right nose up the low racist ass
Antifa answers to old questions, disaster aid on my misanthrope Visa

My house of cards with the usury windows, big wheels claim to Jesus
Monitor head blinking with cancer, Starbuck cup full of dead poems
Sid Vicious fist on my Mozart cock, pornagraphic priest, altar boy stars,
Pig hooves on the backs of the poor, bump car pillows, insomnia bed
Kids in mind numbing debt– but is there hope for us? Toxic rainbows
With peak-oil pots, the Religious Right making ISIS tanks and bombs
Saintly ideals with demonic halos, yes, we are great, the New Babylon.





The Eye





Rayn Roberts

Have a Tao Day.

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