The Pulse Murders, Orlando 2016

It was no surprise a gunman stalked then
Walked into a bar to kill forty nine, a punch
In the gut it was, but the evil loomed decades
A deadly storm, an angel of death, so I knew
It would come, so hated are we by some for
Sharing the same air, not the same bed, we
Are beaten, raped, hung on fences to die.
To Neo-Nazis, the Klan, Religious wack-mobs
We’re abominations with no right to life, see
The ghosts of transgender, lesbian, bisexual
Wandering the land crying out for peace.
The killings are not barbaric, but monstrous
The killers have a twisted vision of faith
Political goal or a combo of the two and we
Wonder why atheism is on the rise: it’s hard
To look at history and not see the darkness:
God isn’t all loving, more a serial killer like
Some human beings he created, not Jesus.
It would be easy to hate a man who murders
But over time too many have already died,
Ignorance breeds lies, violence, hatred, fear
The living just seek asylum, comfort, care,
the spirits of Jews, Blacks, Natives, Mexicans
With the poor south of us call out restlessly
For what they need, justice, safety, shelter
Sancutary, a human right we too hold dear
Like the right to go anywhere the heart leads
To love anyone, even if some think it queer.

Have a Tao Day.

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