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6 Poems by Rayn Roberts / The Seattle Star

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“Look deeply at the big picture beyond revenge to compassion /  We are broken or someday will be, but still beautiful, broken / Kintsugi, it all depends on we put the pieces back together.” ~ from “These boys, These Men” by Rayn Roberts

Buseoksa Moon South Korea

Enough meditation, three a.m. earbuds Dream # 9
reading Merton’s Seven Story Mountain in stillness,
the temple bell shakes the universe, calling monks
to save all beings in hell, a cock crows in darkness.
A half moon spins the stars in a black pool forming
on land in sea the spirit dance unfolding nonetheless.
Do not count the cost, no one, nothing is ever lost.

In fitful sleep I wake to the apple autumn morning
dressing herself in crimson, grey, brown and gold.
There’s a bus to nowhere, somewhere I think home.
I feel the half moon human mind moving to fullness
asking clearly, “Will you stay with the solemn monks
Or return to mad electric nights of paradise in Seoul?”
Sleep walking dreamer that I am, I hesitate, can’t wait

To go back to a circle of friends, lovers I know, my bed
a dream-pond of incarnadine leaves sinking to rest,
the bell is tolling, calling, shaking me awake, I think
but it’s just the glaring city moon tapping on a window.



Rayn Roberts 2019


Rayn Roberts 2019


Korean Buddhism

Buesok Temple

“Dream #9” is the song by John Lennon



Poetry, Etc.


Poetry etc is a blog by Rayn Roberts providing info on one of the longest running poetry readings in Seattle: 2nd Saturday from 4 to 5:30 pm at Green Lake Public Library.  It features 2 poets and an open mic.  Depending on time and the number of readers, you can usually share one or two poems in the open mic.  Sometimes there’s time for two or three, but not too often.  It’s popular.  Children must be accompanied by an adult. The content of the poems isn’t always appropriate for kids.  Rayn Roberts hosted the reading for two years as a member of PoetsWest.  Poet, David Post, is the current host.  He’s an excellent poet and doing a fine job of hosting.
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