If You Believe Everything You’re Told

Lightning can’t strike the same place twice
there’s a reason for everything
God’s got a plan
you were born with a spoon and a slap
Just like everyone else
You see some things
others don’t
some never see at all,
Seriously ugly unreasonable shit reappearing
Bad bent pennies repeating
Unruh – Whitman – the Night Stalker – Son of Sam
Adam la la Lanza
Aileen Wuornos – Cho Seung hui -The Zodiac
John Allen Muhammad, oh yeah
we fear and fancy our killers
make ’em Hollywood thrillers
they make us feel so sad so alive but we can’t
let go our AK-15s
Would be UnAmerican, they’re so much fun for the kids
especially boys,
we put meat on the table with ’em
like the Donner Party did,
They save lives
like Charlie Manson’s  family carving knives.

I live in the Eye of a Hurricane.