David Horowitz,  Francine E. Wall featuring for PoetsWest @ Green Lake Public Library Oct 12, 2019 / 4pm + Open Mic.

David Horowitz January 2013 reader





Join us for an autumn night of poetry with local poets David Horowitz and Francine E. Walls.  David is the founder and publisher of Rose Alley Press and earned bachelor’s degrees in philosophy and English from the University of Washington and a masters in English from Vanderbilt University. David’s work has appeared in numerous journals, including The Lyric, Candelabrum, Exterminating Angel, ArtWord Quarterly, and The Sporting News. His most recent books, published by Rose Alley, are Strength & Sympathy, From Notebook to Bookshelf, and the poetry collections Streetlamp, Treetop, Star; Stars Beyond the Battlesmoke; and Sky Above the Temple.



Poems by Francine E. Walls appear in the writing text, Writing Across Cultures: A Handbook on Writing Poetry and Lyrical Prose, the anthology, Peace Poets v. 2 & journals such as PontoonPassagerEkphrasis, damselfly press, Avocet & Strange Poetry.  Born & raised in the Pacific Northwest, she worked for years as a college librarian and teacher.  Her blog of poems & photographs is at A Long Perspective.  See Below.


Art Gomez is hosting as Rayn‘s doing a Pongo Poetry Workshop.

Have a Tao Day.

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