Last Oracle Over The Sea

You ask a moment from a singing spirit of reasoning light.
In the prison and heaving heaven of the heart I give
An enigma darkened by wheel rut days & renegade nights
A body pulsing electric waves in shadow houses collapsing
From a life in the space stars make while burning I give
A plea for a crossing of bright water, a linked sea to sail
Silver days, an hour without the trap of tomorrow
Closing down on all unknowing, old migrating souls
Innocent, yet sentenced to be, taken by fatal, sad surprise
Prey in the black eyes of a Great White, you ask an oracle
I say, name from what void rising in blood we come
To what destination pushing away bones do we return

And what are we here

consumed by the heat of seasons

tangled in a net of hours

touching a river

where boats sway setting forth?

I give you the universe for nothing, nothing for all you own
Darkness riddled with moth holes, fire rising from the sea.

Orange Wash

Poem first published in print form in CAPS/ Calling All Poets Series Anthology, New Paltz , New York  2020.