Epistle to Washington D.C. # the diatribe they deserve

“To speak of atrocious crime in mild language is treason to virtue”. ~Edmund Burke


The stomach of America bleeds from an Alt-Right ulcer
The brain needs a surgeon to remove a Republican cancer.
Its ass is a target to assassins who would bust a cap in it.
Get right with your God or quit calling Him eternal Love.
Had he eyes, He would see injustice and heal it with mercy.
Had He feet, He’d crush the bankers that keep us in slavery.
His left hand would stop what His right fist is plotting.
His fingers would not grab women by their pussies.
His arms would not throw down children to cage and rape.
His bowels would not crap on the meek and homeless.
His heart would beat with the Truth– I’m not talking about
The Body of Christ, but of American men and women
Who trample their sisters, malign and murder brothers
No, the church is not entirely to blame, but if it ignores
The hateful lies of the powers that be then it too
Wears the racist white robes assaulting a free press
It too is a body of fear and deceit, a just cause for rebellion–
If god, that old bearded white guy in the sky had a dick
He’d wash the White House away in a flood of godly piss.


Words for Today from the Past. H. Rap Brown

“Violence Is As American As Cherry Pie

~Imam Jamil Al Amin H Rap Brown.

Note: I don’t always write such visceral stuff. This poem is serious and seriously funny if you like a good rant and in these times, poets need to write them with an aim to entertain, delight, mock and resist. If you’re offended by the poem, then you must like Mr. Trump, but I make no apologies. To me, he’s an example of the worst in our political history; and to many, myself included, he is regarded as a danger to our democracy; and for good reason.  So, I say again, speak out, write rants, lampoon with street theater and art that resist the current administration.

““The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing”.  ~Edmund Burke





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The Seattle Star Has More Like One

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