After the Paris Accord Disagreement

The head of a white praying mantis manifests on a table
it’s a breakfast plate, eat, eat dead meat, aborted chicks
cold toast and cow fat, sip your java carefully, the beans
are picked by Colombian slaves, you will need strength
to cut down another thousand trees, you need toothpicks
to pick the human bones from your smiles, sad socialists

will need more wood for the bonfire party at the end
of American plutocracy– India, where are your tigers:
sucked up into the engines of cars purring in fossil fuel
will the pandas of China have bamboo to eat tomorrow
how can the Chinese love Lao Tzu, chase after power
like pedophiles stalking happy girls and boys in church?
Happy birthday every person genius to fool born today
will stand on the stinking horizon choking on the air

ask why we fouled the rivers, seas, shat in our own beds.
Eat what they give you my darlings, kangaroo burgers
fingers of gorilla dipped in dolphin blood, you will need
more than agreements to fix what’s done when it’s done
sons of industry, daughters of war fooled by pretty words
pretty as an oil spill, give back what you stole, our future.



Poem first appeared in The Seattle Times.

Let’s keep our home like this…