Antifa is NOT coming to your town.

Anitfa doesn’t want to come to rural or small town America.  That’s the nutty  online rumor; (believe me) — I repeat, they are NOT coming to take over rural America.  If it wasn’t so pathetic, it would be funny, but some people believe in make-believe like it’s reality.  It’s total bullshit.  But check it out anyway…  Three views from You Tube.  How did this rumor begin? Why has Antifa become the boogeymen of right winger America?  Read. Question Everything.  Vote! 

“All it takes is a word and a whisper.”

Hillary, Mexicans & Other Latin Americans, Muslims, Soros, BLM

And now the New Trump Boogeyman = Antifa1_C8Z9CQ2uLAbWlEa7VN_oBA

Watch & Laugh!

What does Rex think?!  Oh, he’s a fun guy.  Imagine driving all over creation making videos about the end of the world and all the SHTF stuff that’s he and others imagine: the Insurrection Act being declared so Trump can make Antifa disappear, shoot them all like toy soldiers, but he’s not sure if it’s before or after the Civil War!




Yeah, it’s funny!  Liberal Redneck ain’t fooled by none of it, but he’s got to have his say and we love him so much, we pay him to say it in his live comedy shows!



Who was responsible for the Violence??



What is Antifa?




How about this, a flash from the recent past.