Senior Complaint

I have an underlying health condition
cause unknown, like addiction
to Aunt Nora or Widow Jane,
a thing always
out of reach, yeah
seeking either
as I’m a dealer, is insane.
but when deprived I feel
something, something’s seriously wrong
with this ragtag raging world we made.

Oh sympathy, I have that too, for all
who have it, why the hell do you think
I scribble remedies
that may not heal
if I succumb
to those with so little—
Digressions, words, needy addicts
but poems dream near perfection
along with whatever else we bring to life–
Doctors say work out, get good sleep

Don’t drink so much, there’s no cure
meditation is like nice and easy–
take care not to give it
to the wife or kids,
for the time being
two Bayer for the pain
lots of water to unclog the brain
positive thinking, belief
maybe a twelve-step program, just talkin’
is relief if you’re Jonesin’ for justice and peace.


Get Help.

Have a Tao Day.

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