A Few Bad Apples?

The War on Americans.

Attacks on the Free Press.

A war is over when hostilities end and people become civil again. The Civil War never ended.  Racism in America is due, in part, to the inability of Americans to end the violence of war.  So it goes on with talk of a second Civil War because hostile, unforgiving, self-righteous Americans won’t look within & recognize how truly violent and hateful they still are; and how perniciously self-destructive!  And to think, Republicans were the anti-slavery force to be reckoned with before the Civil War, and now they are as Democrats were then:  Racists, white nationalists, Nazis, white supremacists, fascists members of the KKK, the rich 1% & the ramble of the nation.  It boggles the mind! It confounds and confuses to look back at history and have people now calling themselves patriots while they shout racists slogans and the police back them up with more than force, despicable law-breaking behavior, brutal crimes, murders!

It’s not about a few bad apples.  It’s about the toxic tree!

I just don’t know where we, as a people, are going, nor how change for good can happen, but I feel we are at a turning point in time.  If you have ideas, please write a comment.   Enjoy the interesting videos on this page, too.

Thank you.  I just needed to get that off my chest.


This too…   Has It Really Come to This?

Lament for the Body Politic

Bad Apples? No Way!

John Oliver has a lot to say about it.


Delicate Still Light








Good apples happen too even in the   

United States of Avarice







Have a Tao Day.

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