The New, New Colossus

Give me your powerful chairman of boards
Your bankers brokers hungry war lords
Your lawyers quick to make a deal
Judgmental preachers with fiery zeal
The loudmouth fat-cat tycoon
Your guns for hire: give me your goons
Your huddled masses of real estate stars
American idols in fancy cars, give me
The plotter schemer corporate raider
Liar cheater the tax evader
Downtrodden tyrant fallen Shah
Your racist bigots all their in-laws
The soulless bishop and pedophile pig
All who aim to make it big on Wall Street.

Look not on their virtue or their sin

They will all undoubtedly fit right in.





“I think T-Rump’s playbook comes straight out of Hitler’s hate speech and 1984. Convince enough gullible people that their woes are all the result of other (fill in the blank) people. Twist all truth into lies and all lies into truth and then twist back again and again when it fits your purpose. Demand any personal claim be accepted as gospel without ever needing proof. Demand any utterance of others be considered as fake regardless of how much proof exists. He is so narcissistic he probably believes he is the originator of these fascist tactics.”    ~ARayG