Being has no center, this poem has no name

Being part of not apart from
is to turn against the turning world and time
in favor of
the third eye
wisdom, the living wonder of one divine nature

word or sound

Oh say what it is…
(It is peace with all.)
Can that be Be / cause
you are a part of all, the great mystery of an ordinary dawn?

but that,

You say to Your/self,
cannot be it,
as lightning heavy in spring cloud wanting motion
or salmon climbing the sea

the roar of a bull elk

or birds building, say, (Yes, Yes, it can be that simple)
And you are without center circumference or edge

speaking to no one

the Thinker behind the thought has vanished
the Observer is the Observed: some motion entirely new says

 (If another form must be

This life build on before, faith then is rightly set on returning)
to perfect love, the hope of all, the grand step in human evolution.”


Both images by Rayn Roberts