Seer in the Wilderness

Before dark or star rock or water
before the wings of the sky floated over the earth
I was called to a calm that mimics stillness
but is eternal motion
to stillness that mocks death
because it wakes in the womb of dawn

Because the sun is the eye of an immense bird
that flies out of morning into noon
because the moon is its opposite eye
as it rises into constellations,
because love is really is all anyone needs

In the few frozen electric moments
before lightning flashed under its wing
a thousand songs echoes in a single heartbeat
the world filled with the light of innocence
a million wing-beats blew spring into the earth
I push forward, out into time…        to breathe


Poem appeared first in “The Fires of Spring”
by Rayn Roberts 2002

Have a Tao Day.

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