Letter to a Close Companion

You begin in the twitch of conception, a long narcotic lullaby
until the song vibrates in every cell and bone. We will never
be rid of each other, so come, come,
little ones will circle in dance
striking your face with flowers I loved mocking your toothy grin
they will never take your outstretched hands, hands that whistle

in the wind.

Here is the broken balance of the blindfolded woman, I hid
mercy away for me. Take all I worked for, the watch, the ring
silver and cash, the Spanish fountain, my car
the winter white mountains I skied,
but you cannot have my name.  I leave you an empty locket
it once held hope. I will the jewel of faith to the child

with the darkest heart

Lovers will give my dreams but never crown you with kisses.
Ah master, you are not one but two, behind the skull
is the face of a newborn, you are not two but all beings
breathing the same air,
And though poets name you “Mother of Beauty,” I know you
Old Scorpion Sting, Snake Bite Venom, Father of the Stillborn

my Precious Serial Killer—

I walk with you, I march as you keep time to count my steps
“Sieg Heil, Herr Tod” I salute, but I will never lick your boot.





The poem is about Death.   The only connection to Hitler is that the poet uses the Nazi Salute as the last in a list of symbols for Death Personified