In Praise of Fisherman

Blessed are the fishermen that free the humble pelican
From sinker, line and hook
Tangled in a beak,
Holy men are these who catch fish and release
The insensitive prey, cold-blooded are they
delicious but dumb, killing them ‘s no fun.

Praise the poor fishermen, forget the pod of dolphin
Driven into coves
Slaughtered by the droves
By family men shooting seals in the head
To make a bigger catch for them
And those with knives
Slicing sharks up just for the fin–

Happy just to be with them
Jesus loved the fishermen, walked on the sea
Saved their sinking ship
Filled their net to the brim
Feeding the poor with fish and bread—
He multiplied relationships
Never emptied seas, taught us plenty, or so it’s said.




As top predators, sharks help to manage healthy ocean ecosystems. And as the number of large sharks declines, the oceans will suffer unpredictable and devastating consequences. Sharks help maintain the health of ocean ecosystems, including sea-grass beds and coral reefs. Healthy oceans depend on sharks.

The Decimalization of Sharks is not good for anyone