Denial is Violence

Like the silence of those who deny the truth, the silence in Death Valley
Nearly denies my being–

It is a dreadful void, the white silence of my sister, the moon
She is alien, empty, my sorrow, the hurt

The Chaste Huntress bound and tied, her mouth taped shut
While her own dogs tear and devour her!

I thought I knew the language of stars, the word in a stone
The sigh of clouds–

Salt flat, wasteland, bad water, hour on hour looking down a chasm.
Sing to me, Stone, comfort me, Cloud

I cannot see myself walking out of here… Mother me, Star…
I stumble over moonlight into morning knowing nothing, knowing nothingness



Featured photo: Death Valley Night Sky – ‘Camping in Death Valley‘ by Paxson Woelber is licensed by CC by 2.0

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