Current Affairs

Left, right, left, center, the political stammer
But we talk on and on and past one another
Real discourse too hard in the Trump nation.
Junkyard Alt-Right Dogs bark racist slogans
We breathe deep, ignore the jerk at work, we
Do our best to couple, dismiss the nightmare
For the dream of a big house, a car, we are
The greatest nation ever on earth, believe me
The Donald says fondling the Stars and Bars.
The kids grow, we go to church, life is good
The earth heats up, the insurance is cut, God
Loves us as we kick creatures to extinction.

But the market’s up, mortgage rates are low
Only Black Lives Matter say life’s not sweet—
By midweek something disturbs the nation
Mass murder, twister, wild fire, earthquake
A red herring tossed by the controlling elite,
The clamor for unity, a hug, the handshake
Prayers go out, open dialogue does soothe,
But we’re glued to the set for breaking news.
By Friday, crisis gone, we move numbly on
Renew the pursuit of life, liberty, happiness
Worker bee dreamers, polite sleepwalkers.
What terror waits to draw us together next?
By what weird sorcery is America hexed?




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