Ejaculations in July

Red red
Industrial pink dawn
Saffron halo of sun
Stars sink into cyan blue
Half a world in darkness
Half rolling into sun with you dreaming.
The smell and heat of hair on skin, the sound
Of your breathing lulled me like rainfall on a lake –

I greet the day recalling you said,
“If death did not happen, if always were true, I’d stop time here
for me and you.”

Yellow light charging downhill and highway, fiery winged stallions of light
Oh Helios, clothed in gold and purple rays
Ride your raging chariot over the Body of Summer, above the Burning Land.


Note:  Ejaculation: (noun)  an abrupt, exclamatory utterance or prayer.   Yes, it has a sexual meaning and both work well here.  Got your attention, didn’t it?