The Plague, by Camus, says a lot about COVID-19 & Other Pandemics

I Woke One Day and Was a Man

I’d wondered what it would be like to be a stranger in a body
rented from God, cargo damaged more each day.
I thought being a man would mean freedom
to go wherever I wanted, do whatever I liked to do,
not bound by the long leash Mr. D. jerks to remind me
this is his game and he’s won already.
I recall a boy dreaming, needing to invent a man
restless, eager to leave where I was
be in my walking bag of skin and bones
feeling time, a rug pulled slowly out from under me
God’s clown, Death’s dog.


41 Strange on in 2020 | Odilon redon, Redon, Skeleton artwork
An Ancestral Genome of The Plague Has Been Traced Back to Russia

It came out of Russia.



What we can learn about the pandemic from the plague?

The Plague

Tips on How to Avoid the Plague

Yes, Cats can get the Plague!

Wyoming Had the Plague three cats.


Skeleton by Odlion Redon.

Have a Tao Day.

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