The Scheme of Things

In a breakneck chase the moose calf goes down, a grizzly devours.
wolves stalk for hours    the bison get away.
the pack sustain on voles     and mice
mostly go hungry
a crow eats the nestlings in a robin’s nest    still robins abound.
green turtles    on a beach    lay eggs      swim off in the deep.
all creatures know their place
what to do when not to
only we are confused      we take
do not give back     we kill    without awareness
we   the godly creatures  discard our waste as if we matter more.
we do not love      we steal from earth
for power   and   control
causing more loss     than any time before    it seems
we are our own end     who can say?
It’s unfair to make more mention of us here     I mean
why a colossal fuss when    few care enough    to save the world?
Friends   do not fear     when we are gone
the flora and the fauna      will go on
they will    with the elements    follow nature’s plot
heal the planet   pull it from the brink     do what we could not.



Photos by R. Roberts


Have a Tao Day.

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