Of One and Many Worlds


Where winter ends and spring begins
white plum willow green
yellow broom
break the monotony
of brown and grey,
magnolias open like hands
asking nothing, offering all …

Beak wing and claw gather
twig cloth limb and stick
whatever warms
the magpie nestling.
In the waking hills
feral cats hunt and fatten.

A white haze of mountain sky
falls to earth
the foggy breath of an imperial dragon –
There is meaning
in every motion or change
the momentary violets pushing into light
are questions
the old trap of time letting go –


Is the coming of joy and more pain
worth the space I take?
Is the choice free…
I don’t know, but hold as seasons
spin ’round
this eternal spring
waking a world to all that is possible

Surreality #3  

After watching the movie “The Others”

I was to ride a dirt bike up a steep mountain, but I walk alone.
An odd-ball woman on the path looks like she’d lived
A thousand years on the craggy summit,
We pass each other without a word, her eyes glow like red novae.
A span of rope-bridge leading into mist…

My hands clinging, feet stepping in pain

The mist clears, a rope snaps, falling… a parachute opens
I float into a deserted drive-in movie now a dental office.
Two aides seat me in an electric chair -Not good- They take my hands
“This won’t hurt.” says one, “Much.” says the other.
“We can’t put you under, so imagine you’re God, you won’t feel a thing.”

A white scorpion crawls up my leg.

Two teenage dentists enter, one guy pins me down
The other opens an incision in my chest, a red hibiscus blooms… in my mouth.
“I thought you were a dentist.” I say. “I lied.” he says.
“I’m gonna cut your heart out and feed it to The Others.”
“Gee thanks.” “I don’t really need it.” — Passing out

I dream what I’d like for eat for breakfast.

Cristian Mihai = Good Stuff!

If you have a few minutes,  listen to Cristian Mihai’s “How to Get Stuff Done”. I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It lifted my spirits on a stormy day.   He also has books and art out and if the books are anything like the art, they could be really fantastic!

“How to Get Stuff Done” Episode #1

Link to other Mihai videos



 Art  !

Neutrino Digital Art


Just a Dream


Alien Code
Antarctica 1937 – nazi UFO Crash



jazz       cristian-mihai

Way cool….